Verify tertiary and secondary academic qualifications held by the individual from registered local and international institutions. This report also includes the dates issued and confirmation of results.

Verify local employment history. Past employees are contacted to validate an employee/ex-employees history and also to give character references for the individual.

We are able to perform Criminal Checks, Credit Checks, Certification Checks, which will help you better understand your future employee.

This search allows you to check for any fraudulent information related to name and ID number of a candidate. Now you are able to authenticate prospective employees and business partners identities and, as an addition, also obtain any fraudulent information related to that Name and ID number.

Verify matric qualifications held by an individual through both the Department of Education (pre 1992) and Umalusi (Post 1992).

Check driver’s license status. This report provides you with driver’s license information including date of issue and expiry, code status as well as endorsements.

Feb 2016


Check candidate’s credit history through detailed TransUnion or Experian credit bureau reports.

Feb 2016


Determine individuals criminal record status with the South African Police Service via AFISwitch (electronic fingerprint collection and processing)